Birthday Wishes For Someone Special

Life is too short to be small.

#Benjamin Disraeli

I never forget my wife’s birthday. It’s usually the day after she reminds me about it.


Birthdays are good for you. Research has shown that those who have the most birthdays live the longest.

#Larry Lorenzoni

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And if you want to help with happy birthday wishes for homeless children there is a website here

Bless your nose, your ears and eyes and may you grow healthy, happy and wise.

Wishing You Fantastic People And Friends Like Us On Your Birthday

Wishing You Thousands Of Candles On Your Birthday

Wishing You All Of The Blessings Of God Upon You And Thousands Of Birthdays

Wishing You Warm Celebration On Your Birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes….May All Your Dreams Come True…

May Today And Your Future Days Be Filled With Joy, Luck, And Happiness As You Close One Chapter In The Story Of Your Life And Start Another That Will Be Even More Thrilling, Exhilarating, And Life-Changing As The Last One.

Wishing You Prosperity, Success, Wealth And Happiness On Your Birthday

Wishing You Everything You Wished For Ever . Happy Birthday

Wishing You The Warmest Greetings And Prayers For You On This Birthday

Enjoy Yourself And Make Your Dreams Come True

Hope It’s Fantastic, And That You Have The Greatest Times, Get Nice Presents And Most Of All, Be Happy.

A Happy Birthday Greeting!

Here’s Wishing You All The Special Things In Life

That Bring You Happiness.

Have A Lovely Day!

I Always Thank To God For He Has Blessed Me With You. Happy Birthday To You.

May I Be Able To Come Up To All Of Your Hopes And Expectations, Thanks For Being With Me.

Its Your Birthday

May You Have Many More!

Because Today Is Your Day,

Its An Opportunity For You To Know That

You Are Special And Special Things Are For You Today,

I Wish You All The Best.

I’m Fortunate, And I’m Glad.

I Got You For My Brother.

Even If I Had The Chance.

I Wouldn’t Pick Another.

Wishing You A Life Full Of Happiness And Pleasure And May All Of Your Dreams Come True On This Birthday

Wishing You Love,Happiness And Cheer..

Today And Through The Year

Wishing You Heaven In Your Heart, Starlight In Your Soul & And Miracles On This Very Special Day … Have Yourself A Wonderful Birthday!

With Lots Of Love And The Warmest Wishes Always

Have A GREAT Birthday!

I Hope That Your Day Is Beautiful With Peaceful Thoughts,

Grand Smiles And Most Of All An Inner Happiness That Reflects Onto

Everywhere That Surrounds You.

We Hope You Make It To A Hundred

Or Two Or Three In Your Good Health

And Happiness.

Happy Birthday.

You Fill Our Lives With Color

Love, Emotions, Joy And Happiness.

May God Keep You Among Us

As We All Love You And

Your Birthday Is A Special Time To Celebrate The Gift Of “YOU” To The World.

I Hope All Your Dreams For The Year Come True

Let Your Birthday Be Filled With Laughter And Wishing You A Year

Filled With The Same Joy You Bring To Others!

Have A Sunny And Happy,

Bright And Beautiful

Magical Kind Of Day!

Happy Birthday!

The Brightest Stars Are Those Who Shine For Those Around Them.

Made This Card And Made A Wish;

That All The Nice Things

You Have Hoped For

Will Come Your Way!

Many Happy Returns!

Happy Birthday” Means Much More

Than Have A Happy Day.

Where Ever You Are, Whatever You Do – Always Remember I’m Thinking Of You

May All Your Wishes Come True.

Happy Birthday!

You Have Completely Changed My Life, Life Is Now Precious To Me, I Want To Live With You Forever.

Just Want To Tell You That You’re Special,

And To Wish You All The Joys Of A Wonderful Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I Am Proud Of My Destiny, How Rich I Am That You Are In My Life. Always Be Happy Sweet Heart.

I Always Feel Indebted To God For Sending You Into My Life.

Happy Birth Day. Love You

I Hope You Enjoy Your Birthday.

All The Pleasures It Has In Store.

And Because I Appreciate You.

I Hope You Have Many More!

I’m Happy You’re In My Life.

You’re My Winner, Come What May.

Wishing You A Joyous And Cherished Birthday

Wishing You The Warmest Greetings And Prayers For You On This Birthday

You Are The Center Of All My Thinking, I Always Feel You With Me. May You Always Be Happy.

Wishing You Last Longing Happiness And Success On Your Birthday

May Your Happy Birthday Wishes All Come True On Your Very Special Day.

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